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These barriers is a traditional craft products hand obligation Square

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Welded mesh panel fence has the advantage over conventional welded mesh panel fence characteristics: average mesh , mesh width, wire diameter and difficult to corrosion , long life, net surface smooth , beautiful and do not skimp , weaving concise , beautiful and applicable so on.

Traditional fence Roundup: Overall, the city more beautiful , more heart like ; What, then , flawless is currently associated with these well-built buildings, sports area , scene matching various traditional barriers such as cast iron fence, welded fence, iron ornamental fence, other plastic fence, then it is very jarring , even exceptionally dazzling ; These barriers is a traditional craft products hand obligation Square , in the selection, construction , height, width , spacing, surface appearance and resistance impact bending , etc.very non-standard , arbitrary , eight streaky ; these beautiful rough exterior fence , rusty , decapitated missing legs , dust contamination , victorious into the head ; overall gives the impression as follows : big brake scenery, unsightly , detrimental general , the lack of security . Affect the city and the owners generally decent traditional fence is fitted with a new , six months old , drew to a close does not brush the whole rust ; to be more beautiful and there are many beautiful, real headache upset .

Every year needs to spend a few human and financial resources to repair , and all kinds of complicated cosmetic repair only lost only two months to six months out of the results of prior situation is , year after year, destroying the city and the owners of the appearance of the city in general , eroding people's pursuit of a variety of aesthetic and environmental vigorously , mutilate people feel OK superior career aspirations .

Welded mesh panel fence on the field device accurately measures introduced In order to guarantee the aesthetics and quality, vast majority of PE -coated wire welded mesh panel to make the stadium fence , both popular wire throttle annual cost of the new paint , the use of life when compared with popular barbed wire length three to five years , mesh size is 45mm × 45mm, you can guarantee will not be stuck or through tennis.

1, Welded mesh panel fence base : construction should be embedded in the bedrock of good iron fence grid embedded parts .

2 , Welded wire mesh fence Frame: Welded fence grid with Φ55mm embedded pieces on the plate , and even into the whole and ground stadium fence ordinary high 4m, roofing ordinary 6 meters high fence .

3 , Pull the net : PE plastic bag device using a dedicated network thing taut, and then flat iron bars and self-drilling screws .

Our products include: chain link fence ( diamond mesh ) , crimped wire mesh, stainless steel wire mesh , welded wire mesh , welded mesh panel, steel mesh, Dutch wire mesh , black wire mesh , galvanized wire mesh ; construction mesh , etc. more than one hundred product categories. Our products are widely used in wire mesh production, petroleum, chemical, food, food, farming , welded wire mesh exporter medicine, construction and other industries , are widely sold throughout the country and exported to Southeast Asia , the Middle East , the United States , Japan, Africa and other countries and regions. Customized special specifications can be processed , but also according to customers drawings and samples .

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