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Large fine mesh wire diameter is low weight

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Welded mesh panel prices depend on wire diameter , mesh , a few meters welded mesh panel prices will depend on such points , material technology , weight, large fine mesh wire diameter is low weight , high against the weight calculated piece weight welded mesh panel , welded mesh panel piece is based on the total length of the ride wire by wire by welded mesh panel sheet total weight of the unit kg . welded mesh panel welded introduction and welded mesh panel welded difference, a difference is material , a welded mesh panel machine is not the same stigma , welded mesh panel film is film , welded mesh panel is volume .

Building insulation works generally with little smaller wire diameter wire at about 30-40 , mesh smaller than 12.7mm, construction welded mesh panel low cost and economic environment. welded mesh panel - cracks in the insulation layer Cause Analysis Building security Wimbledon , also known as galvanized welded mesh panel welded mesh panel, crack in the insulation material of the protective layer is one of the key , but also made great achievements in recognition to the rapid development in the construction industry , welded mesh panel pullout strength well, does not produce corrosion phenomenon is the result of hot galvanized , galvanized welded mesh panel thickness on the amount of zinc , galvanizing process is guaranteed , welded very strong .

Use galvanized welded wire mesh exporter reinforced crack reinforcement layer construction, welded mesh panel may be due to the small mesh in the mortar bond maintained very good reasons, make the tile layer cracking or off. welded mesh panel in the lap during spacing is too large will be the formation of cracks in the process of laying galvanized welded mesh panel close to the insulation layer, the crack will not achieve results. We produce welded mesh panel, quality assurance, the amount of zinc thickness protection , mesh evenly without outcrop phenomenon .

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