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Galvanized welded mesh panel as used in the brick veneer layer

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Galvanized welded mesh panel with cold galvanized welded mesh panel difference decryption welded mesh panel is now widely used in building the polystyrene board exterior insulation system, if it is brick veneer , you must use the galvanized welded mesh panel, galvanized and cold -plated welded mesh panel welded mesh which less likely to rust, which lives longer do ?

Galvanized welded mesh panel welded mesh panel is to the situation in the heating galvanized zinc melted in the liquid , will be immersed in welded mesh panel , which will be the base material to form zinc Infiltration , combined with very closely intermediate difficult other residual impurities or defects , like the two materials together in the coating of the melted portion , and the coating thickness can reach 100 microns , so that high corrosion resistance , salt spray test 96h no problem , the equivalent of a typical environment under 10 years -15 years.

But for cold galvanized welded mesh panel is at room temperature for welded mesh panel plating process , although the coating thickness can be controlled up to 10mm, but relatively speaking , and the thickness of the coating is relatively low binding strength , corrosion resistance so badly not as hot dip galvanized welded mesh panel. Galvanized welded mesh panel as used in the brick veneer layer.

Plastering mortar used in laying among the protective layer has been effectively enhanced through the rear anchor galvanized welded mesh panel with fixed directly to the wall structure , the transfer function of the load of the body surface , the surface layer of the load transferred to the grassroots walls, insulation layer can be effectively protected . When subjected to external force, damage occurred in the protective layer and is absorbed by wiping the surface layer of mortar .

Because galvanized welded wire mesh exporter and Plastering mortar with good bond strength , reasonable enhanced horizontal and vertical direction tensile strength, which greatly improved the tile paste grassroots strength. Therefore, this product can effectively enhance the structure can effectively balance between performance and brick crack between the demands of the grassroots strength of unity , to meet the insulation system stability , safety and durability requirements.

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