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The first probably look at the surface mesh welding is solid

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Concertina razor wire fence how to identify the quality of the Fence as a new protection products, as it appears instead of a lot of complex and not aesthetically pleasing wall .

With the development and innovation fence , its market is constantly expanding , and even exported around the world . Fence also known as : concertina razor wire fences, walls concertina razor wire, plastic coated fencing .

When a customer needs temporary fence fence often because I do not know how to judge the quality deceived. Paid a high price, but not the quality of high quality , a lot of customers are so often distressed and worried . Here to tell us about the quality of products in the end how to identify if they are not fooled. First , the first probably look at the surface mesh welding is solid.

Some small manufacturers use small machine welding , spot rough , easy sealing off and so on. Relatively regular manufacturers use large welder welder using a molding technique , mesh solder joints, solid. Second, the amount of what mesh mesh is uniform , whether the size of error, the diagonal is correct . Third, look at the amount of wire mesh degree of thickness , to see if some error with their requirements .

Some small manufacturers to reduce costs, cut corners to make the mesh of life greatly reduced. Fourth , the following is a surface treatment . If it is coated fence , then we would see the coated surface is uniform , a seamless plastic phenomenon . If tainted plastic phenomenon please communicate with manufacturers to take the necessary remedial measures. If the above four points are qualified , you buy concertina razor wire fence product is certainly value for money.

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