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The density and drawings are in accordance with customer needs to operate

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Welded mesh panel welding technology and features welded mesh panel with good corrosion rust characteristics of the construction works and the use of a wide mesh good ductility , weldability , stainless steel welded wire mesh welding machine precise role of woven wire mesh , low cost, good welding technology , mesh uniform solid. welded mesh panel welding process is also very demanding , especially stainless steel mesh, mesh look for has strict requirements , welded wire mesh mesh specifications, the density and drawings are in accordance with customer needs to operate .

Welded mesh panel in the welding process should pay attention to the welding heat, might cause the welded wire mesh wire diameter fracture , affecting the performance characteristics of the construction . welded mesh panel presentation, The product is made of high quality low carbon iron wire, through precise and accurate automated welding machinery and equipment after forming , the use of dip zinc surface treatment technology , the conventional British standard production, net surface smooth and tidy , solid structure, uniform, overall performance is good , even if the local pressure cut-off or loose phenomenon does not occur , welded wire mesh exporter is the iron mesh of the strongest anti-corrosion , but also the most versatile iron mesh network is one class , high-quality anti-corrosion make welded mesh panel in the breeding industry acclaimed, smooth and neat mesh , increasing the perception , can play a decorative role , this feature also makes welded mesh panel to be seen in the mining industry , the use of low-carbon high-quality raw materials for so welded mesh panel does not have a unique iron mesh generally have flexibility to determine the welded mesh panel in the course of plasticity , which can be used in metal processing and manufacturing workmanship, deep , complex plaster walls , underground leak anti-cracking , lightweight mesh , so that the costs are significantly lower than the cost of iron mesh , welded mesh panel to better understand the economic and affordable.

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